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Since his debut in 2010, LEE JONG SUK has been building remarkable filmography in diverse areas including combined genre, school drama, medical drama, fantasy genre, etc., with his fascinating appearance and outstanding acting. He created many in-words including “a man fresh out of cartoon” and “out of context” for his TV drama series “W”. He has been enjoying remarkable popularity in China and throughout Asia, for his acting in numerous well-made hit dramas including “Pinocchio”, “Dr. Stranger”, “I Hear Your Voice”, “School 2013”, etc. Currently, he is fully concentrating on his acting career, both home and abroad.

Basic Information

September 14, 1989
2010, SBS drama series “Prosecutor Princess”


Television Series
  • 2017 SBS “While You Were Sleeping”ㅣJung Jae Chan
  • 2016 MBC
  • 2014 SBS “Pinocchio” ㅣChoi Dal-po / Ki Ha-myung
  • 2014 SBS “Doctor Stranger” ㅣPark Hoon
  • 2013 SBS “I Hear Your Voice” ㅣPark Soo-ha
  • 2013 KBS “School 2013”ㅣGo Nam-soon
  • 2012 KBS “Drama Special-When I Was The Prettiest”ㅣYoon Jung-hyuk
  • 2011 MBC “High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged” ㅣAhn Jong-suk
  • 2010 SBS “Secret Garden” ㅣHan Tae-sun
  • 2010 SBS “Prosecutor Princess”ㅣLee Woo-hyun
  • 2017 “V.I.P.”ㅣKim Gwang-il
  • 2014 “Hot Young Blood”ㅣKang Joong-gil
  • 2013 “No Breathing”ㅣJeong Woo-sang
  • 2013 ‘The Face Reader”ㅣKim Jin-hyeong
  • 2012 “R2B: Return to Base”ㅣJi Seok-hyun
  • 2012 “As One”ㅣChoi Kyung-sub
  • 2010 “Ghost”ㅣBaek Hyun-wook
  • 2005 “Sympathy”ㅣLee Han-sol
TV appearances
  • 2013 QTV REAL MATE IN Cairns, Austrailia
Music Video Appearacnes
  • 2016 Davichi “Love Is”
  • 2015 Jung Yup “My Valentine”
  • 2012 Nicole “LOST”
  • 2011 CHI CHI “Don’t Play Around”
  • 2009 2NE1 “I Don't Care”
Photo Book
  • 2017 "Everything is your fault"
  • 2014 “LEE JONG SUK”


  • 2017 PR ambassador Korea Tourism Organization
  • 2015 PR ambassador for China Chongqing Korean Culture Festival
  • 2012 PR Ambassador for Gyeonggi-Ansan Air Festival
  • 2011 PR Ambassador for Konkuk University
  • 2017 SBS Drama Awards [Top Excellence Award]
  • 2017 SBS Drama Awards [Best Couple Award]
  • 2016 MBC Drama Awards [Grand Prize]
  • 2016 MBC Drama Awards [Top Excellence, Best Actor in a Miniseries]
  • 2016 MBC Drama Awards [Best Couple Award]
  • 2015 6th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award [Prime Minister Award]
  • 2015 8th Korea Drama Awards [Top Excellence Award, Actor]
  • 2015 13th Korea Brand Stars [Grand Prize]
  • 2015 1st Hanbit Awards [Best Actor Prize]
  • 2015 51st Baeksang Arts Awards [Most Popular Actor (TV)]
  • 2014 SBS Drama Awards [SBS Special Award]
  • 2014 SBS Drama Awards [Top 10 Stars]
  • 2014SBS Drama Awards [Best Couple Award]
  • 2014 27th Grimae Awards [Top Excellence Award]
  • 2014 9th Asia Model Festival Awards [Model Star Award]
  • 2013 SBS Drama Awards [Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries]
  • 2013 SBS Drama Awards [Top 10 Stars]
  • 2013 21st Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards [Top Excellence Award, Actor]
  • 2013 21st Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards [Hallyu Grand Award]
  • 2013 2nd APAN STAR AWARDS [Best Couple Award]
  • 2013 2nd APAN STAR AWARDS [Top Excellence Award, Actor]
  • 2013 6th Style Icon Awards [The 21st Century Gentleman ]
  • 2013 6th Korea Drama Awards [Best Couple Award ]
  • 2013 6th Korea Drama Awards [Excellence Award, Actor]
  • 2012 KBS Drama Awards [Best New Actor]
  • 2011 4th Style Icon Awards [SIA's Choice Award]